Trading on Tradition
Kushok Bakula Rinpoche and Tupstan Chewang , Hill Tribe Commissioner, talk of the effects of tourism and international media on the culture of Ladakh , and the critical role monastic teachings have in offering guidance and wisdom not only to the people of Ladakh, but also to foreigners. The documentary, depicting a monastic winter festival and life in the Himalayas, focuses on this tiny country's delicate task of preserving its ancient and fragile culture whilst remaining open to a secular world.

Video, 16mm 30 min 1997.

Bali "who are they dancing for"
One of the original destinations for travellers to SE Asia, Bali has for almost a century played host to tourism, yet their traditions and ceremonies remain strong and are as much an integral part of their lives as are the shows they put on for visitors.

video, 16mm 5 min Orizzonte Oriente 1994


Equipe Travajes : Amazonas
Flat-top mountains rise from the flooded jungle floor. You can take a boat or fly...there are no roads; accomodation is often a hammock and a camp fire. The wilderness is the main attraction for adventurers coming to this remote part of Venezuela. In this state, the Orinoco River will flow both ways, either to the Carribean Sea or via the Casiquiare Canal to theĀ  Amazon basin.

video, 16mm 3 min ETOV CCS 1995

Thailand Travel Tornado
A visual tour de force of this vibrant country and culture where modernity is contrasted with the charm of traditional life. Taking a less travelled route, we witness a rapid intersection of where an everyday Thailand meets the ubiquity of its beautiful and fascinating culture and festivals.

video, 16mm; 5 min Pilot for TAT

The Best of Bangkok - Diethelm Travel Asia

The pilot of a small plane points out Bangkok landmarks before introducing the extraordinary new Suwarnabhumi airport. A helicopter flight downtown Bangkok and the Chao Phraya River reveal stunning aerial views of Bangkok's best choice of hotels in extraordinary locations. 3 min

World-class hosts find some very compelling reasons to visit this city. John Everingham and Nong Mae share their secret sanctuaries, from the most dazzling to the quietest backalleys in Chinatown, where Nong Mae gives us an overview of the vibrant Chinese New Year and takes us on a boat to her favourite Chinese temple. A historical and entertaining perpective on Thai history, with the captivating beauty of the city seen through a keen photographers eye. 11 min

Selina Lo takes us on a wild shopping spree, from selecting antique Burmese devotional statues, interviews with Jim Thompson's top designer Tinnart Nisalak, to the best outdoor shopping spots to the latest high tech shopping malls, home to Southeast Asias biggest acquarium, and finally, exhausted, a taste of the most luxurious and well pampered spas in Bangkok. 9 min

Foodie John MacTaggart revels in the amazing choice available to connoisseurs of the best of local and international cuisine, from papaya salad and birds nest soup to the best steak in town. This appetizing sampler makes you want to be here on these busy and alive streets, tasting daringly fresh and healthy local delicacies. World class chefs share their coveterd culinary secrets, all prepared with the best of local and imported ingredients, 11 min

Veteran travel writer Joe Cummings steps out into post-sunset Bangkok. He finds the private lives of Khon Mask dancers also well worth exploring as he delves into this ancient dance form's historical and cultural roots ; his night adventure includes unravelling some of the best entertainment venues in Asia which include the tempting Calypso Cabaret; a cutting edge moment with Thai/European super DJ Nakadia. at RCA, and, where else to wrap-up the night but in Bed. 11 min

Polyglot Stuart Raj, with the charming help of Deedee, points out semi-sternly to Olaf some amusing and useful tips on staying out of trouble and culturally-cool with the locals. This includes levels A to X, where Deedee helps our helpless Olaf understand the limitations on public kissing and a general no-brainer on behaviour that will help newcomers save their day in the land of smiles. 4 min

2007, video, flash graphics, 45 min, English, Diethelm Travel Asia



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