Study of a Plant

A Venetian contessa's last wish sends two performers on a surreal and dangerous mission in search of a plague curing plant in the heart of the south american jungle. Inadvertently, they are retracing the contessa's ancestors steps, who on a similar mission centuries back mysteriously disappeared.
The performing duo are approached by a latin seductress who insinueates herself onto their relationship with claims that she can help them in their mission. Throwing their cautions to the wind, the duo find themselves being blindly led into a trap that backfires on the latina and the male performer who has fallen into her clutches.
Rumour has it they have disappeared at sea during a storm. The mission is left to the broken hearted dancer to fufill, who arrives at the destination on the contessa's map, and discovers that the latina has been on her own quest for vengeance. Apparently the venetian ancestors interaction with the latina's tribe in a past century involved the theft of a magical talisman, now supposedly in the hands of the contessa who has been mysteriously drowned.The dancer, close to approaching the rediscovery of the plant, encounters a native mute fisherman who has a remarkable resemblance to her beloved singing partner.
A romantic adventure film set in Venice, New York and Venezuela. A series of allegories that take place in the present day with references to historical and re occuring themes, dealing with human plagues, our knowledge and contact with the planet and its present predeliction. The human healing elements of a plant are weighed with magical and ritualistic ones that a tribe attributes to the same plant. The story unfolds in a dramatic and romantic fashion with minimal dialogue between an emotionally charged trio. Medieval costume and opera in Venice are juxtaposed with a realistic and violent present day New York. The Delta and Ayuan Tepuy regions of Venezuela symbolize a yet somewhat virgin territory under the unscroupolous scrutiny of humanity. Hope is to be found in the beholder of that magnifying glass. Emphasis on the inadvertency of life as we humans know it , or don't, is a central theme.

Geane Brito | John Kelly | Celeste Hastings
Written and Directed :
Simon Grome
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