international media production services

shootAsia provides a broad spectrum of direct - to- client production services for marketers and advertizers in the USA, Europe and SE Asia, who's target audience  demand a distinctive style, content and brand identity.

Resources include a solid liason base with all aspects of production and a broad knowledge of traditional processes: the key asset to managing emerging media workflows and technologies.

Director and lighting cameraman Simon Grome brings european sensibilities and american technique to create stylish and visually captivating solutions to the production process. Tabletop and beauty highlight his commercial work. Corporate brand identity excels where superlative writing and world class graphics merge to deliver complex and sensitive communications.

The primary asset to traditional and emerging film and video technologies is the integral knowledge and experience of the fundamentals between optics and the exposure gate, be it celluloid, digital or telecine. Tribute to this can be seen where successful CGI work invariably emulates optical principles.

Behind the lens experience includes Super16/35mm, Photosonics HS, Unilux, Superscope, HD, Betacam, Motion Control , Chromakey.

Credits include TVC's for Chanel, Issey Miyake, Dramatics NYC, Corona, Sapporo, Shiseido; Industrials for Casablanca, Thai Herbal Medicine; Corporate communications for KPMG and DKSH; Travel films in Venezuela, Bali, and Thailand; social issue documentaries in Ladakh, Thailand and Laos; Arts documentaries featuring Komar and Melamid and John Kelly amongst others; Fashion and music videos and his feature films,  whose credits include writing the screenplays for Fake Fur is Growing on Me, Study of a Plant and Elephant Girl.

As a director of photography for feature films, kung fu action flicks, dramatic scare-films, amongst others, Simon Grome has also conceived, written and graphically designed much of the content he has produced. From concept, through effective strategy and high production value to final delivery, shootAsia is a one stop solution for an efficient all encompassing media product.

As a regional hubs, Singapore, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur offer state of the art production, rental and post facilities at very competitive rates to the South East Asian market, which also holds an extraordinary variety of diverse locations at the centre of a burgeoning region.

Asian producers incorporating America's and Europe's iconic imagery and energy in their productions can profit from shootAsia's creative attitude, support and comprehensive database of resources, with solutions for every budget.

Budget-concious productions can achieve high uncompromised production value by taking advantage of in house equipment packages.


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