Simon Grome  director - writer - cameraman
Specific Reels and References are available on request

Casablanca, Macrosystem US
Dramatics NYC
Robert Du Grenier
Raquel Sitwell Jewelry
Issey Miyaki
Corona Beer
Sapporo Beer
Walls Ice Cream

Feature Films:
Fake Fur is Growing on Me 1990 Director, DP
Study of a Plant 1993 Director, DP
Elephant Girl 2004, Director, DP

Bernd Naber- Spiral 1992 Director, DP
Duality on a High Wire
John Kelly Performance Artist 1994 Director, DP
A Girl at the Temple Gate 1998 Director, DP
Trading on Tradition 1997 Director, DP
Sphynx Christian Pieper 1998 Director, DP
In the 17th Century
Komar and Melamid 1999 Director, DP
Emerging Markets 1996 Director, DP
Lao Song's Journey  2000 Producer, Editor
Toy Cars;
Hanuman Films Bombay 1994
NYC Department of Education
"Gotta eat Breakfast "PSA 1996
Talaad Klongtoey with Kim Hoover PSA 1999
Thai Herbal Medicine 2000

Corporate Video:
Brocade Communication Systems 2003
KPMG Mekong Subregion 2004
Diethelm Events 2003
IJ Siam Company Profile 2003
DKSH: Diethelm 100 Years 2006
Human Development Foundation 2003
Royal Trophy Golf 2005
SIFE 2005
Duang Prateep Foundation 2003-06

Music Video:
Jeffey Armes Solid Love 1986
Rick Ocasek, Alan Vega "Limelite" 1995
Dr. Penguins Magic Circus with Jon Klein 2000

Reels and References available upon request

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JTB New York Fashion World 1998-2000
Onyx Noir
Garo Sparo
Roxi Suger
Albert Sakhai
Margie Tsai

Travel and Tourism:
Cajero Viajes Amazonas ETOV ( Caracas)
Autana y Yutaje 1995
Orrizzonte Oriente SRL (Roma)
BALI e Lombok 1994
Diethelm Travel Asia 2007

Director of Photography:
Motel Blue, dir Joe Tripician 1995
Butoh Rockettes dir Celeste Hastings Post Nuclear 1996-99
Crazy in Love, dir Matt Routledge 2004

Lighting Director:
Gary Perweiler Exit Films 1989 - 97
Hills Brothers
Coca Cola
Lucky Stores
Johnson and Johnson
Johnsons Wax
Radio Shack
Miller Beer
Sapporo Beer
Japan Airlines
Procter and Gamble

Art Director and Project Manager:
Steven Bickford Lighting Design for the Stage 1984-1992
Andrew Dice Clay
Moriah Carey
The Cars
ABC Monday Night Football Tease
Still Photography
Multicolor Roma Dario de Petris 1975
San Francisco Arts Collective 1982