Fake Fur is Growing on Me

A tale of woe and betrayal set in New York City at an ebb tide. A fashion model's reality is transformed when she arrives in a surreal and manipulative New York, where she signs up with an agent.
The conventions she perhaps aspired to, prove to work against her. Her agent's and lovers manipulations are evidently not in her interest. Upon taking pity on a homeless woman at her doorstep, she discovers her long lost mother. As the models life spirals into a netherworld, she encounters a mercurial bike messanger who has apparently been watching over her.
With her career over, the model finds herself homeless and on the brink of insanity.Left with the knowledge of her mother's death, she finds solace in a platonic bond with the messanger. She discovers her mothers diary.

With :
Angela Rawlinson | John Kelly | Peggy Lewis | Micheal Drake | Peter Stack | Bete Coelho
Directed By : Simon Grome
Produced By : Celeste Hastings and Simon Grome 1990 16mm 1hr 40 min
Web Site : www.fakefurmovie.com

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