shootAsia in-house equipment packages

Providing a comprehensive database of production facilities, experienced multilingual crews and state of the art studios, we also provide basic equipment packages for lower budgets.

High Definition
Sony 3ccd Z1 HDV 1080i / DVCam PAL NTSC Cameras

PAL and NTSC 3ccd DV Cameras , Steadycam JR, 10" LCD Portable monitor. Portable lighting package. Arri fresnels, Mole Richards open face, Lowel Totas. Barn doors and scrim kits.
Light stands, arms and knuckles, cutters, diffusion frames, gels.

Bolex RX5 with Switar POE16-100 zoom and Switar 10 mm - 100mm primes, video tap Manfrotto fluid/ dutch head, magic arms. Ronford sticks, Universal Fluid head.

Sennheiser shotgun and condenser microphones; Sennheiser Wireless lavalier microphones, Rycote zepplin, Manbe boom; DAT recorder & studio headphones.
Soundtrack Pro Suite 3 Editing. Vast royalty free music and sound effect library.

Digital non linear post production, Final Cut Pro 6, Motion 3, Color Formats: HD, HDV, DVCam plus stand alone units JPmotion and MPEG2 codec systems, Component or native DV, NTSC and PAL, 5 Terabyte storage with DVD DL authoring and duplication, MPEG, VCD and CDRom creation and encoding video for the web

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