Elephant Girl

ELEPHANT GIRL,  an original screenplay by Simon  Grome
Writers Guild of America registration # 937403
Copyright Simon Grome 2004

A visual and emotional  narrative of a woman's coming of age takes us from the rural pastures of an elephant herders village in NE Thailand -  the vehicle - a relationship between a girl and her elephant - through  to  contemporary   forays into  city life and internet chat rooms populated by  denizens at the edge of Bangkok's nightlife entertainment industry.

Beyond the compelling theme of  a young woman's search for redemption for herself and her creature, the story draws forth contemporary issues that this Asian nation faces from within, at once  de-constructing misconceptions drawn  from a  western world's  prurient gaze into an Asian  culture's morality. Elephant Girl is a contemporary view of a traditional rural life contrasted by  the  opportunities  available to a poor country girl in an international city, as seen through  the eyes of a  young  Kue woman and her long lost elephant.
Elephant Girl's  account of  an extraordinary bond  between a girl and an elephant brings a new dimension to the notion of self empowerment, giving audiences a unique and in-depth insight into  contrasting values facing a  rapidly changing society.

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