Gretchens Fashion Report
Host Gretchen explores the NYC underground designers world from behind the scenes. Definitely not 7th Avenue, this series shows a new approach to shooting fashion, and what drives these innovative and passionate designers. Interviews with Garo Sparo, Albert Sakhai, Maria Del Greco, Angel Hernandez, Onyx, Rachel Bick, set in the stomping grounds of  club impresario Peter Gatien and fashion guru Hint  Magazine's Lee Carter.

video  15 min. English

Komar and Melamid "In The 17th Century"
According to these russian artists, elephants have an innate motivation to create art. In this satyrical video, Komar and Melamid make a case for opening an art school for elephants in Thailand, where there are many unemployed elephants. A realistic and subsequently proven marketing strategy is discussed for providing self sufficiency for elephants and their mahouts.

video 15 min 1997.

John Kelly "Performance Artist"
21st century renaissance man John Kelly creates evocative theatre. Working under many guises, both a solo artist and director of his company, his versatile talents have produced a large body of work, including Light Shall Lift Them, Pass the Blutwust, Paved Paradise, Find My Way Home. The documentary also traces his earlier work from his roots at the Pyramid Club in the East Village. Interviews with the artist and Victor Garber, Martha Clarke, Ellen Stewart, Micheal Feingold, John Rockwell

60 min 16mm, video 1994.

Bernd Naber "Spiral"
A german sculptor in New York creates a tower of Babel from pigment. The construction, dismantling, handling and storage requirements of a large sculpture are shown, including other works by the artist.

1991 video 10 min.

Christian Pieper "Ancient Futures - Sphynx II"
Artist creates site specific installations from reclaimed materials. The video documents the surrepticious creation of a "sphinx " sculpture made entirely from tar bricks on an abandoned and fenced off pier in lower Manhattan, where the artist worked at night to avoid the authorities. His creations have also served as habitats for himself.

video 10 min 1998.

Emerging Markets
Urban planner Doug Lucius makes the case for the preservation of traditional food markets. The Thai economic boom of the 90's posed a serious threat to the longevity of one of Bangkok's most important fresh food markets. The removal of the market would affect hundreds of thousands of city residents, including restaurants, informal sector food service providers and farmers from 28 provinces. The market is portayed as an ethnographic museum.

video 30 min 1997.

Lao Songs Journey
A young Laotian boy is a landmine victim. Video shows his journey from a remote region in northern Laos to the capital, Vientiane, where International NGO COPE helps Lao government to provide free prosthetics for landmine victims.

(Lao, English language) ) video 18 min 2000 Mekong Films (producer, editor).

Ultimate Guide to Tigers
In 1997, a hunter brought a tiger to the Wat Paa Luang Tha Bua Temple. It had survived the hunter's botched attempt to kill and stuff it for a hotel or karaoke parlour. He cut the tigers back and put poison in the wound. But the tiger survived; the hunter, guilty of his sin, brought the tiger to the temple. Since then more tigers have come; now there are seven tigers and two cubs living at the temple. Cult Segment for  BBC 2

2003; 15 min, Thai with English subtitles

Asian Tsunami 2004
In depth coverage of the immediate aftermath of the December 2004 Tsunami in Phuket and Kao Lak, Thailand. Phukhet City Hall became an international crisis centre, the temples at the worst hit areas  became impromptu morgues. Daily live satellite feeds with journalist Alfredo Vaz for TVI Portugal

60 min, Portugese 2004-2005

A Girl At The Temple Gate
A travel essay A western woman comments on the dichotomies of prostitution and buddhism in the far east. A fresh and empowering view of a womans choice to improve her life on her own terms, a rebellion of sorts from within a hierarchical society . Her buddhist faith strengthens her individualistic drive for survival. Her brother is likely to be a monk, having taken the vow at a time when his role and that of the monastery no longer play key roles in a modernizing society. Can their paths cross? With Soledad Barragan

15 min, video, 16mm 1996.