Macrosystem US

Simon Grome has created, developed, and produced four magnificent  videos for my company. As manufacturer and developer of the Casablanca line of digital video editors, we are deeply familiar with video. We get to witness all flavors of creation ... from the poor to the exquisite. I can assure you that Simon creates exquisite video. He knows well how to tell a story with aplomb, excitement, and passion.

My favorite parts of the two videos (actually five ... as he created multiple versions for different uses) were his product shots. They were simply amazing. I've never seen such creative captures of a Casablanca. He showed me studio shots as insight into what he had constructed to capture one product shot. I was astounded.

Simon is also a treat to work with. He doesn't allow his ego to get in the way, which is key in the creative process. If the best ideas came from me, he was more than willing to incorporate them.

I heartily recommend Simon Grome for your next project.


Eric Kloor
MacroSystem US

COPE : Cooperative Orthotic and Prosthetic Enterprise
Vientiane, Laos

COPE commissioned a  fim, Lao Song's journey, on which Mr Simon Grome was emgaged as editor by the main contractor.

The main contractor failed to complete the project.

Mr Simon Grome then undertook to complete the project, working directly to COPE.

He produced both Lao language voice overs and English versions. 

COPE received good service from Mr Simon Grome.  We found him to be most helpful both in the work he carried out himself and the work he arranged for others to do.

We would be happy to engage his services for any further film we might produce.

Yours faithfully
For and on behalf of COPE

Administrative and Finance Officer

Diethelm Events

Just back at the office today and received a copy of the Best of Bangkok.

I excitedly put the disk into my computer and eagle-eyed waited for the DVD to play with the aim of just watching the intro. Alas, I lost all concept of time and did not attend to important emails as I watched the film throughout. Each section was a must-see. Excellent! Top Class! Superb!

Congratulations on a fantastic production that I am unable to find fault with. That's saying something! This is the best work I have seen. I cannot praise you enough.

David Barrett
Executive Manager
Diethelm Events

Human Development Foundation

Simon - I can't remember if I properly thanked you for all you have done for me - for the poor - the 110 Seconds has been seen by all kinds of people and they all say - how fabulous.... who made this for you, and I tell them all "there is this cat called Simon....." prayers fr joe

Father Joe Maier


We have found Simon’s work to consistently exceed our expectations and would have no hesitation in recommending him as being reliable and someone who you can depend on.

John Sim, COO,
KPMG, Greater Mekong Sub-region

Sud Est Production, Vietnam

I produced two 25 and 15 second TV commercials for Walls Ice-Cream Vietnam for which we hired Mr. Simon Grome as director and director of photography on behalf of Sud-Est Production on this project.

Mr. Grome stayed in Saigon for two weeks and showed great dedication in helping the preparation of the shoot (his input included concept development, casting, set building, props buying etc.).

He prooved to be an experienced director for Sud-Est and also a talented editor on the post production.

I enthusiastically recomend Simon’s creativity and integrity and hope to work with him again in the future.

Noelle Carr-Ellison
Sud-Est Production, HCMC, Vietnam


We were reminded how difficult it was to find a simple description for what our Group of Companies do. This became Simon's task when we commissioned him to make a Centenary video. After successfully sourcing historical archive films, he travelled to film mines and ports where we sell and service industrial equipment, and on to our own pharmaceutical factories and vast healthcare and consumer goods distribution centers that are significant regional supply channels, and finally to the high-fashion shows of apparel and luxury goods we proudly handle.

The resulting video is vibrantly written and captivatingly filmed account of our 100-year history in Thailand.

Walter Brenneis
President - Diethelm Limited
Diethelm Keller Sieber Hegner